Discover JoyAmaze

JoyAmaze is distinctive as a brand, as a company. JoyAmaze is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and efficacy of our products and services for the benefit of others. We strive to be the best at what we do. We want to make a difference; that is to make this world a better place. This is the core purpose JoyAmaze is established. This is our pledge.

JoyAmaze is not here just for profit; it is an organization with life consciences and business ethics at heart. We view commerce as a way to connect with people; to grow and to elevate each other, together. We are here to help people live better, to enable them to pursue meaningful life purposes. Our business is beyond business – it is love, compassion and benevolence of life; together we go from weak to strong, grow from small to big, change from ordinary to great, turn from marvelous to amazing, and transform from a successful organization to the world's most meaningful and evocative organization. Yes, we will make it happen and it is just a matter of time.

Since we are still new in this field, we understand we have limited resources and capabilities to do the best in world improvement. But, with synergistic collaboration with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, social workers and every single person on the planet, we have faith and confidence that our journey for better futures will come to fruition. It is true JoyAmaze philanthropic works carry such a huge and noble mission of life, but we are not alone. We have you. JoyAmaze main role in this collaboration is to be the magnet, the push-factor and driver, the steward to gather all the good parties together. And together we build this great destiny, one step at a time. However, this is a continuous and endless journey; a never-ending odyssey to be a ‘more meaningful than making a profitable organization.’ The following are the elements that are leading us toward building a better world:


To build an amazing life around the world through our great people with whom we produce excellent products and establish education, social works and philanthropic foundation.


To be one of the world’s largest and healthiest* organizations that builds a better world for humanity.

*A person's health is measured by his physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, so does an organization. The social position of JoyAmaze is reflected by its superior quality holistic health products that synergistically complement JoyAmaze social work, education and philanthropic activities that will help enhance people’s physical, mental and spiritual health and their social well-being.


This is the main purpose of JoyAmaze existence – to create beneficial products while simultaneously embark on socially profound philanthropic journey.

Live Life Better!

Life is precious. Time is precious. This is the moment for us to build a better world. We are the ones who can dictate our own fate and how meaningful our life is to be. We are the ones responsible for our own needs and ensure our own happiness. So love your life and live your life. Let’s bring hope, happiness, well-being and blessing to people around us, making life meaningful and beautiful!