Coffee Harvest

All the premier quality coffee beans used in JoyAmaze coffee are harvested annually, that is in the month of October.

Coffee Harvest
  • Coffee beans are annually harvested in October.

Pulping Process
  • The flesh is removed.

  • The beans, still coated with mucilage, undergo fermentation process in a vat to develop parchment coffee (pergamino) characteristics.

Washing Process
  • Is done when the fermentation process completed.

  • The coffee bean is processed using washed technique; clean water is used to remove the mucilage completely.

Drying Process

The beans are spread out in the designated drying area. Depending on the weather, the process can take from seven to ten days.

Curing and Selecting Process
  • Grading process: Coffee beans are machine sorted and graded based on the size.

  • Garbling process: Mechanical and manual process to remove defective beans.

Blending The Beans

Using only the best beans, they are blended to create the best flavorful blends.