Manufacturing Process

After the beans were roasted, they are cooled down and undergo 12 hours carbon dioxide de-gas process to ensure the taste of the roasted blends do not deteriorate. Then, the beans are ground, coarsely.

Extraction Process

The coarse coffee grounds are brewed using softened water.

Hot extraction process: To extract complex components such as carbohydrates.

Cold extraction process: The flavors here are among the elements extracted. These elements, then pass through a heat exchanger to cool off at about 40°F. The extracts still contain solids around 20 to 30 percent.

Filteration and Concentration Process

Filtration process: Coffee extract passes through a centrifuge to remove most of the remaining water and increase the concentration up to 40 to 50 percent.

Concentration process: Water that still remains in the coffee extract is evaporated in multiple effects evaporator, producing concentrated liquid coffee. The concentrated liquid is then cooled down.

Aroma Recovery System

Evaporator system: Collect coffee aroma that is lost during the filtration and concentration process.

Dehydration Process Using Spray Drying Technique

The cool, concentrated liquid is sent to the drying tower.

Sprayed through a nozzle at the top of the tower. Hot air is release downward to evaporate the water in the concentrated liquid, leaving fine dry coffee powder in its place.

The dry coffee powder congregate at the bottom of the drying tower.

The coffee powder tumbles in the air in the Agglomerators. Steam is released; wetting the surfaces of the coffee powder and adhering them to one another, forming larger and coarser powder that dissolves completely when in contact with water.

Detection Process

The finished products need to correspond to the GMP and ISO and standard requirement, if not, the whole process of manufacturing of coffee powder must start again, from scratch. If the finished products meet the criteria, product packaging can start.

Inner Packaging

The packaging process must follow GMP and ISO and standard requirement too.

All materials and equipment must be sterilized within half an hour before packaging.

Electronic scale used has been qualified by a third-party and must be calibrated every 2 months.

A random inspection is done during packing to ensure the net weight is accurate.

Outer Packaging

After inner packaging is done, all packs are boxed in folding carton and ready to be shipped:

Directly to customers who order directly through our JoyAmaze online shop.

Or, these cartons are packed in shipping containers to be shipped to other selected online shop.

JoyAmaze Research & Development and Production

Our own manufacturing company is a globally recognized Food and Beverage manufacturer, operating in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Our manufacturing facility is cGMP-compliant, and strict ISO Standards are applied to ensure the products safety and effectiveness. The Stringent Quality Management System is applied from the beginning of securing high quality raw, functional ingredients, to manufacturing, to the end results of product performance.

JoyAmaze is engaged with 12 clinical study centers that provide scientific and clinical studies for all our products. These centers are based in China, America, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, United Kingdom and South Africa.