We Care For Our Environment and The People

One of the greatest educations is to treasure our environment. We obtain all sources of our life from the environment. In fact, even economic sustainability relieson the environment sustainablility. We all need to ensure the environment continues to exist, therefore our supply of natural resources including coffee would never diminish.

The use of organic fertilizer and natural pest control is just a part of responsible farming. Respect for the hard labor of the farmers is also utmost important. Coffee demand is very high, so high that it is the second most consume drink after water. It also ranks as the top ten traded commodities in the world, along with petroleum, natural gas, gold, sugar, cotton, wheat and corn. Still, most coffee farmers living along the Bean Belts are poor.

JoyAmaze, in our role as education steward, obtains our selected, ecological-friendly coffee beans from farmers directly, giving them the chance to sell their beans at a fair price, thus allowing them to improve their livelihood.