Discover JoyAmaze®

JoyAmaze® is distinctive as a brand, as a company. It is an organization with life consciences and business ethics at heart. We are a company where you are the focus of everything we do; you are our creative muse and you are the reason we set our hearts, minds, souls and energy in finding solutions to make you feel good all over.

We view commerce as a way to connect with people; to grow and to elevate each other, together. Our products are created with a commitment to quality and efficacy. We are here to enhance life, to help people live better, through the use of our products and the positive wisdom we share, thus encourage people to pursue meaningful life purposes.

Our business is beyond business - it is love, compassion and benevolence of life; together we go from weak to strong, grow from small to big, change from ordinary to great, turn from marvelous to amazing, and transform from a successful organization to the world's most meaningful and evocative organization. Yes, we will make it happen and this is our pledge.


Live Life Better!

It is not better than who but living a progressively better life, every day. This is the JoyAmaze motto and each day is dedicated not only in improving our products and services, but also improving the quality of life of our consumers and our society; by creating beneficial products while simultaneously embark on a socially profound philanthropic journey to improve life quality - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

JoyAmaze® Beverages

JoyAmaze® specializes in creating and producing delish nutritional and functional beverages with exceptional value. Together with a healthy daily diet, the beverages help to provide balanced nutriments your mind and body need to function at peak efficiency for a balance work-social-family life.

JoyAmaze® is dedicated in formulating a stunning variety of beverages for children, adult and senior citizens alike – making them delicious as they are healthful.

JoyAmaze® Philanthropy

Our ideology: The first type of education must be nurtured in the heart and spirit of a child, by the parents or guardian, is the edification of moral, compassion, etiquettes and wisdom. During one’s lifetime, the process of edification is continuous, not just from parents or guardian, but also from teachers, friends and others we come in contact with. Only then the child will grow up to be a figure who embodies the spirit of humanity, using academic and heuristic education to further improve the quality of life of the society.

The roles of preserving, extending and disseminating the edification of moral values are the responsibility of every individual, young and old. This is why the first focus of JoyAmaze® Philanthropy is dedicated to the allocation of a certain percentage of sales, and company profit for educational activities promoting spiritual edification whilst spreading the positive energy of moral, compassion, etiquettes and wisdom through our social media platforms.

JoyAmaze® Mission

To build an amazing life around the world through our great people with whom we produce excellent products and establish education, social works and philanthropic foundation.

JoyAmaze® Vision

To be one of the world's largest and healthiest* organizations that builds a better world for humanity.
*A person's health is measured by his physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, so does an organization. The social position of JoyAmaze® is reflected by its superior quality holistic health products that synergistically complement JoyAmaze® social work, education and philanthropic activities that will help enhance people's physical, mental and spiritual health and their social well-being.


Kindness is not an act. Generosity is not an act. Selflessness in not an act. They are a way of life. Many of values that define humanity is slowly decaying in our society and throughout the world. It is time to bring back the values, starting from family, to society and finally, globally.

Family Unit

The role of a family unit is the greatest to impact a person’s emotional and spiritual health, young and adult alike. Time well spent with engaging activities build strong connections of love between all family members. This is also the best moment to pass on the positive moral values to your children or other young family members.


We live in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. Social interaction and civic engagement, especially among young ones are important to nurture toleration, compassion, respect, empathy and understanding about the different way of life and belief. This is the time to promote diversity and open-mindedness and cherish the individual uniqueness within the community.

Global Outreach

A world without conflicts, war, war crimes, discrimination, genocides and other atrocities against humanity is attainable. By nurturing compassionate and benevolent societies we can make this world a better place - a peaceful and happier place, one community at a time.