Creating a Masterpiece

Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750
Schweigt Stille, Plaudert Nicht a.k.a Kaffee Kantate

Most of us love coffee. Some stay true to only a single brand, a single blend, years after years. Some look forward to new adventures their senses can explore, constantly seeking new brands and even new chic cafés. Many sip the beverage while the chatters of fellow morning commuters serve as backdrop of daily life. Some slurp down the brew before bolting out the front door. We take our coffee in a variety of ways and taste a myriad of flavors. To be able to enjoy each sip even when we are occupied is just a blissful feeling. To get to enjoy coffee with extra benefits is definitely a fabulous experience. We crafted our coffee to be a joy and a source of amazement, and as coffee lovers, we would love to share them with you.

It takes a lot of time and many trials to compose a symphony that is divine and melodiously indulgent. Each type of coffee is like a musical instrument. First, we explore each nuance of flavor and aroma from each single origins. Then, with that knowledge, we blend some of our chosen ones - to create a harmonious composition, or even a counterpoint composition of epicurean standard. Again and again the processes were repeated until the desired characteristics are brought to the limelight where the taste, texture and fragrance are as evocative as they are delicious.

The Secret Blend – 100% Fine Arabica

For each arrangement of our tantalizing blend, we use the finest of coffee species. Arabica is renowned for its mostly low acidity and low caffeine content, hence, they are the most sought after coffee beans.

We source our coffee from different countries; some grown on high altitudes, some on the slopes, others on the lowlands. Due to different zones of cultivation, our blends are bursting with a myriad of distinctive flavors and wide-ranging levels of acidity - creating luscious and hearty beverages that undoubtedly will send your heart aflutter, hot or cold. We promise you arrays of JoyAmaze® functional coffees that impart consistent intoxicating aroma, taste and fascinating sensation.

JoyAmaze® coffees do not contain any coffee substitute such as roots, nuts, seeds or peel. JoyAmaze® blends are made from 100% coffee, Arabica coffee.

The Art of Coffee - Choosing The Best Roasts

To bring out the best flavor, the process does not end with the blending. Choosing the most suitable roast profile is equally as important as it perfected the whole coffee composition.


Light roast is the swiftest roast to create. Just as the name implies, light roast is truly light on many aspects; light in color - from cinnamon to light brown, barely a whiff of roast aroma, light-bodied roast with the bright signature characteristics of the blend highlighted.


Medium roast, where every character is equal, the roast and the heavenly notes of coffee blend smoothly and astoundingly highlighted each other. The brew produces a lovely mahogany liquid with a heady fragrance of roast and coffee bouquet.

Medium Dark Roast

Medium-dark roast coffee is exposed to heat only a slightly longer than medium roast, but enough to produce thin coat of oil on the brew. Like a medium roast, this roast retains the sumptuous and balance character of medium roast, yet it has the subtle caramel flavors and just hints of smokiness, the characteristic of dark roast.

Dark Roast

Dark roast is strong in smoky taste. The roasting process causes more aromatic oil to ooze out and caramelized by the heat, giving the coffee it distinctive and contradictory smoky yet sweet flavor. The beans are ebony in color and give off an intoxicating roast aroma. This is the brew where the roast taste is prominent while blend notes are subtly detected in the background.