JoyAmaze® Assurance

The building of JoyAmaze® is not a solo journey. Dynamic minds and persevered hearts come together to give you the finest products made with the finest ingredients and love.

Our World

  • We want to improve life quality - physically, emotionally and spiritually and together we build a better world.
  • We strongly believe better life, better world is achievable.
  • Peace is enduring, peace is sacred and we embrace individual inner peace and strive to protect world peace, for us and for the future.
  • We nurture loving and caring societies to make this world a happier place, one society at a time.

Our People

  • Together we grow beautiful minds and selfless hearts that consist of kindness, wisdom, conscience, empathy, benevolence, compassion, positive attitude, positive emotion, mindfulness and thoughtfulness towards the people around us.
  • We develop physical, mental and spiritual health to ensure our aim for better life is attainable.
  • We cultivate joy and happiness in every single thing we do.
  • We promote diversity and open-mindedness as we cherish individual uniqueness.
  • We uphold responsibility, honesty, integrity and dignity as the steward to achieve the mission and vision of JoyAmaze®.

Our Work

  • We excite our stakeholders with the strong brand trust we share with our customers.
  • We ignite inspiration and aspiration to everyone we are connected to.
  • We enlighten creativity, innovation and inventiveness to enhance the livelihood for healthier and happier societies.
  • We pursue for professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness and excellence as we reach out and make positive impacts on a global scale.
  • We pursue continuous improvement and enhance personal growth as we put a high value on every individual, for the talent they possess and the commitment they are willing to give.
  • We work with commitment, enthusiasm, motivation, determination, perseverance, persistence, competence and dynamism not just to produce more products, but to spread our wings and continue our philanthropic adventure in broader fields.
  • As we support the life of people today, we will continue in the future, JoyAmaze® after all, is built to last.