JoyAmaze® Coffees are Extraordinary Coffees

Let your Medicine be something of the Nature of the Sign ascending.
Nicholas Culpeper
Herbalist, 1616 – 1654

Imbibing a cup of JoyAmaze® coffee is not just drawing in the heady aroma, savoring the nuances of flavor and relishing the sensation and texture, but also reaping the benefits of the coffee and functional herbs and essential nutrients. The functional ingredients are added not for ornamental purposes, but because the wealth of holistic values they possess. Generations after generations have been using and relied on plants for a variety of purposes including culinary and herbal remedies.

Functional herbs and nutrients. They are the other halves of the integral ingredients of JoyAmaze® beverages. Each herb is chosen for their efficacy not only from the perspective of current Western Herbalism but also from the ancient herbal knowledge of East and West. The easiest way to provide sufficient sustenance your body need is not through a complete meal, but from simple, everyday routine; a cup of beverage. That is where the idea to create functional beverages took root. And we, at JoyAmaze®, juxtapose the rich history and wisdom of medicinal herbs and plants with modern understandings to suit our contemporary and often hectic lifestyle.

To create a JoyAmaze® product, each ingredient is thoroughly researched, meticulously picked, carefully formulated and stringently constructed, using only the best of the best of the selected ingredients. We want everybody who enjoys our products gain pleasure from them and become amazed by their result-orientated functions. This is an everyday beverage that will turn each of your coffee moment into a special occasion, a healthy special occasion. Whether it is an event with family, friends or on your own, let's revel with JoyAmaze® beverages and savor the enriching rewards.

Functional Herbs:
The Benefits of Plant Sciences

Herbs and plants, they exist all around us. For millennia they have played essential roles in the life of mankind from culinary to cosmetic, to creating dyes and paints to the use in healing and herbal medicine. In the past, our ancestors relied exclusively on the various species of plant as they offered varying degrees of bioactive constituents to heal or prevent a magnitude of health problems and ailments.

There are a few reasons why we meticulously hand picked each of these functional ingredients. They were trusted by our ancestors for their healing properties and now these functionalities are steadfastly used in modern integrative medicine.

We are uniquely positioned to ensure the highest efficacy and premium quality in our products. All the bioactive and functional ingredients are selected for their well-know and nutritional properties, ensuring their efficacy both independently and synergistically. We employ state of the art technology and stringent monitoring of processes to protect the products’ integrity and bioavailability.

All bioactive constituents we have selected are edible, safe to consume with hardly any adverse side-effects when precaution is exercised.