JoyAmaze® Echinacea Coffee Aubade Blend

JoyAmaze Echinacea Herbal Coffee

JoyAmaze® Echinacea Coffee Aubade Blend

Crafted using regular, easy-to-prepare coffee, gourmet-like 100% blend of Arabica and singular functional herb. The JoyAmaze® Herbal Coffee line is exclusively for adaptogenic herb users looking for a change in taste.

Aubade Blend

If you use to supplement your body with Echinacea why not try it in a different form? Echinacea purpurea, traditionally renowned in supporting the body's natural resilience is used to fortify this refreshing coffee. An easy and mellow morning coffee, with lots of hidden revitalizing character. Gently revive and awaken your mind, body and spirit.

The Aubade Blend Personality

The fragrance of a bouquet of flowers. Medium roast coffee. Delicate taste and equally delicate body. A hint of smoke that ends in a clean finish.

Composed for...

An individual who uses Echinacea purpurea and is looking for a new experience in enjoying the herb and to stimulate your defense mechanism.

A Touch of Sweetness

A coffee easily enhanced with any sweeterner. Add in sugar to bring out the crisp taste. Savor a velvety caffé latte with a little sugar and generous amount of milk.


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