JoyAmaze® Energy Coffee Crescendo blend


Lovely, regular, gourmet-like 100% blend of Arabica in easy-to-prepare coffee. Fused together with Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and guaraná (Paullinia cupana) - creating a strong and robust brew. The two traditionally renowned herbs have been trusted for generations for their invigorating properties. Aptly named JoyAmaze Energy Coffee, it is the perfect morning reviver and even a great afternoon pick-me-up. No matter what the demands of the day are, you’ll be ready with alacrity.

The Crescendo Blend Personality

Medium roasted coffee with a burst of herbal fragrance. Have a sleek texture and persistently strong toasty taste.

Composed for...

Busy urbanites who pull long working hours. A brew that imparts exuberance, vitality and clarity to help you deal with frenetic Metropolitan life.

A Touch of Sweetness

Best sweeten with brown sugar, but also nice with honey and sugar. Craft a delicious caffè latte with a dash of brown sugar and a generous splash of milk.


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