JoyAmaze® Ginkgo Coffee Vivo Blend

JoyAmaze Ginkgo Herbal Coffee

Crafted using regular, easy-to-prepare coffee, gourmet-like 100% blend of Arabica and singular functional herb. The JoyAmaze® Herbal Coffee line is exclusively for adaptogenic herb users looking for a change in taste.

Vivo Blend

If you use to supplement your body with ginkgo why not try it in a different form? Ginkgo biloba, traditionally renowned as brain performance enhancer is used to fortify this delicious coffee. A great morning coffee to instantly perk you up, or a late night companion if you need to pull a busy all-nighter. Excite your mind and senses with this bright and creative blend of exclusive coffee and stimulating ginkgo.

The Vivo Blend Personality

Exotic aroma of spice intermingle with the heady roast fragrance. Balanced coffee with velvety smooth body. Medium roasted with a touch of spice and lingering smokiness.

Composed for...

An individual who uses Ginkgo biloba and is looking for a new experience in enjoying the herb. Stir up your personal Muse with this brilliant and inspiring coffee.

A Touch of Sweetness

If you prefer your coffee sweeter, pour a bit of sugar or honey for a syrupy brew. Add brown sugar for a touch of caramel taste. Transform it into refreshing latte with sugar or honey and milk - truly a delicious treat.


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