JoyAmaze® Prémune Coffee Arabesque Blend

JoyAmaze Prémune Coffee

A regular, 100% blend of fine Arabica and the revitalizing herbs - Cordyseps militaris and shiitake (Lentinula edodes). The adaptogenic ingredients have been favored for thousand of years for their exceptional ability to support general well-being. JoyAmaze® Prémune Coffee is a glorious companion for metropolitan life; a warm and pleasant cup that will purify and bring felicity to mind and body, allowing you better communion with nature.

The Arabesque Blend Personality

Irresistible classic fresh brew aroma. A smooth bodied, balanced medium-roasted coffee with beautiful light dulcet taste and clean finish.

Composed for...

Urban settlers constantly on-the go, day or night. A luxurious elixir to re-energize your mind, body and spirit while help to stimulate your defense mechanism.

A Touch of Sweetness

Already sweet unadulterated, just add a little sugar or honey if you prefer it sweeter. Craft a refreshing caffè latte with or without sweetener and a generous splash of milk.


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