JoyAmaze® Siim Coffee Fantasia Blend

JoyAmaze Siim Coffee

Lovely, regular, gourmet-like 100% blend of Arabica in easy-to-prepare coffee. When aromatic roasted coffee bean, green coffee extract and green tea extract are combined, we’ll get a rhapsodic fusion that is energizing and warming - a perfect addition to your weight loss program which include exercise and a balanced and healthy diet. The trifecta elements help to support your energy to maintain an active lifestyle. JoyAmaze® Siim Coffee is a low calorie coffee that is decadent on its own.

The Fantasia Blend Personality

Classic fresh brewed aroma with a whiff of citrus fragrance. Robust and smoky yet slightly syrupy. Sensationally suave medium roasted coffee, smokiness dominates the cup midway to finish.

Composed for...

Ladies (or gentlemen) in a quest to build a positive body image and a boost in self-confidence; through sensible weight management program - which consists of healthy eating and being physically active.

A Touch of Sweetness

Exceptional coffee when added with any sweetener. Add brown sugar for a smooth and balanced brew. Bring out the tang with a touch of honey. Craft a guilt-free, celebratory caffé latte with a little brown sugar and a splash of milk.


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