JoyAmaze® Vitamin Coffee Lambada Blend

JoyAmaze Vitamin Coffee

An easy-to-prepare regular coffee imparting gourmet-like taste with its special 100% blend of Arabica. Indeed a wholesome beverage, rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex, and together with a balanced and healthy daily diet, this fortified beverage enables you to meet the daily requirement of vital vitamins. A versatile and verdant beverage to streamline your day or night.

The Lambada Blend Personality

Hypnotizing dark chocolate aroma. A slightly frothy, mellow coffee that gradually turns bold with a hint of smoke through the finish. Sensationally smooth medium roast blend.

Composed for...

Individuals with chaotic daily schedule. A robust libation that will allow you a brief respite to enjoy a warm and stimulating drink anytime you want - alone or among friends or family.

A Touch of Sweetness

Turn this pleasurable black coffee into a balanced bittersweet beverage with a bit of sugar or honey. Pour some milk for light and easy caffé latte.


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