JoyAmaze® Han Marén Beauty Mocktail 30++

JoyAmaze Han Maren 30++

Radiant, matte yet dewy camera-ready skin. In a medley of fruit mocktail.

Ready. Smile!

Outglow your friends even when you left your make-up kit behind. Look fresh and radiant the whole day and in every snapshot. Rejoice as your skin restores perfect moisture balance and mends itself from tell-tale of aging. Don’t be shocked when you receive daily compliments for your soft, dewy, plumper and wrinkle-free complexion.

JoyAmaze® HAN MARÉN 30++ bestows your parched or oily, acne-prone, blemish-riddled, dark-spotted and uneven-toned skin with 5 skin nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

Nutrient & Function

6000mg Marine Collagen ramps up the collagen network in the body. Collagen peptide aids your skin to repair emerging signs of aging – lines, pigmentation, blemishes, oiliness, and dryness especially. It works by;
  • Blocking severe skin dehydration in air-conditioned room and while stuck in a traffic jam under hot weather.
  • Blocking severe skin dehydration in air-conditioned room and while stuck in a traffic jam under hot weather.
  • Rebuild hair to make it strong, healthy, lustrous and brilliant
  • Strengthen nail, making it hard to break

Marine Elastin replenishes depleted supply of body's natural elastin.
  • Tightens lax cheeks, chin and other areas where elasticity and flexibility restoration are needed; giving your visage a healthy tone and the chiselled look you desire.
  • Slows down premature aging process and smooths out lines for a silky skin. 

Yeast extract is so rich in nutrients.
  • De-ages discoloured and pigmented skin; leaving behind fair, youthful and bright complexion.
  • De-stress your dull and tired skin with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Safeguard the skin from dryness or oiliness, giving you comfortable skin and a healthy glow.

Tremella fuciformis is able to retain moisture nearly 500 times its weight.
  • Keeps complexion fresh, pure and comfortable as it supercharges the skin with long-lasting hydration.
  • Reinforces the skin moisture barrier to halt the loss of water through epidermal layer and protect the natural skin structure especially under the sun or in an air-conditioned room.
  • Fades and prevents spots and discoloration, giving you crystal clear complexion.
  • Rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties to lower the impacts of lifestyle and environment to the skin.

Vitamin C is touted as a beauty vitamin. It’s an essential cofactor in several biosynthesis, especially in collagen production.
  • Acne and pimples heal faster with its wound-healing properties, reducing the risk of scarring.
  • Controls elastin production, most importantly when the skin is exposed to sunlight as to halt the aging process.
  • Encourages skin turnover, the skin renewal process so that your complexion is always fresh and young.
  • Lightens, whitens and brightens skin which helps you achieve flawless and fair complexion.


Suitable for ladies in their 30s or, anyone who’s facing these troubles:
  • blotchy and dull skin
  • imperfect skin tone
  • adult pimples or acne
  • acne scars and post-acne blemishes
  • visible and clogged pores
  • extreme oiliness and greasy skin
  • age-related skin dryness
  • dehydrated and peeling skin
  • rough skin
  • surface lines and wrinkles


Proteins such as collagen and elastin and vitamins are easily destroyed by high heat. Never use hot water with temperature more than 50°C to prepare JoyAmaze® HAN MARÉN. If the product gelatinized, then the water you used is too hot.

Pour 180ml of lukewarm or room temperature water. Add a sachet of JoyAmaze® HAN MARÉN. Stir well. Best served chilled.

Precaution: Individuals with seafood allergy are not advised to consume this product.

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