JoyAmaze® Beautéine™

JoyAmaze Beauteine

Premix Milk Powder With Beautéine™ Formula

Product Description:

You smile as you put on the last finishing touch. You gaze in satisfaction as you inspect your reflection in the mirror – pores, fine lines, sun spots hidden behind flawless foundation; cheeks flush with rosy hued blush; crow feet, eye bags veiled by concealer. However, do you smile with the same satisfaction as you remove all these make-up, hours later?

Beauty is not something you apply. It resonates from your healthy inner self, no matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond; a career woman or a dedicated homemaker. It’s every woman’s dream to have naturally clear, dewy and gossamer smooth skin. JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ may be the natural beauty solutions you’re looking for.

No matter what your skin type is, normal, dry, oily or combination, JoyAmaze® Beautéine™, Malaysia first beauty milk is packed with strategic skin beautifying ingredients. The youth elixir of deliciously creamy milk is enriched with;

  • 2 exceptional beauty proteins, 5500mg hydrolysed marine collagen and L-Arginine,
  • Polysaccharide of Silver Ear mushroom (Tremella fuciformis),
  • Essential vitamins, C, A, E, B complex and D3.

All the nutrients are added to deliver nourishment to your body, sooth your skin troubles and help you fight signs of premature aging.

The best time for you to drink JoyAmaze® Beautéine™


During the day your skin is exposed to various elements and aggressors that strip it from moisture, cause damage to the skin and DNA, encourage pigmentation and speed up the aging process.

At night your body mechanism shifts from protective process to refuelling and maintenance process – to repair all the damage it suffers during the daytime. Your body needs more than just a little TLC your nightly skincare routine of cleansing and moisturising can offer.

JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ has all the vital ingredients your body needs to heal damage skin, modulate the skin turnover by replacing old cells with new ones, replenish the moisture to the cells, bring down inflammations and clear up the skin. This is the best way for you to wake up feeling fresh and looking young and glowing.

Morning as breakfast

JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ is also perfect for breakfast. Don’t worry as JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ is a low acid milk drink and therefore gentle on your stomach. Drink it on an empty stomach to help the body absorbs the nutrient efficiently.

During the day the nutrients can provide protection to your skin from the environmental distress such as chemical, pollutants and UV rays.


Proteins and vitamins are easily destroyed by high heat. Never use hot water with temperature more than 50 °C to prepare JoyAmaze® Beautéine™. If the product gelatinized, then the water you used is too hot.

Pour 180ml of lukewarm water. Add a sachet of JoyAmaze® Beautéine™. Stir or shake well.

Precaution: Individuals with seafood allergy or lactose intolerant are not advised to consume this product.

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