JoyAmaze St. John's Coffee
Calmando Blend

JoyAmaze St. John's Wort Coffee

Crafted using regular, easy-to-prepare coffee, gourmet-like 100% blend of Arabica and singular functional herb. The JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee line is exclusively for adaptogenic herb users looking for a change in taste.

Calmando Blend

If you use to supplement your body with St. John wort herb or tea, why not give the first ever St. John’s wort infused coffee a try? Hypericum perforatum, traditionally renowned for its calming properties is used to enhance this relaxing coffee. JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Calmando blend is your perfect and cozy brew to unwind after a hectic day at work or genial companion during the weekend.


The Calmando Blend Personality

Calming herbal fragrant yet with a robust roast taste from the first sip to finish. Have a delicate body. A medium roast blend.

Composed for...

An individual who uses Hypericum perforatum and is looking for a new experience in enjoying the herb. Enjoy the coffee to make best out your siesta time; uplift your spirit, rejuvenates your body and harmonizes your mind and senses.

A Touch of Sweetness

Easily complemented with any kind of sugars, but most lovely with honey. Put in some milk for a lush, dessert-like caffé latte that'll leave you longing for more.

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